First as a homemaker, then a CIA grad and personal chef, I bring a different insight to culinary publishing – plural insights, if you will. I love magazines and cookbooks. I LOVE recipes! I love to write them, to develop them, and to read them like novels (or sometimes like love letters). Recipes are like stories.

Each month I will review a minimum of four magazines and explore what is different, cutting edge, or just plain fun about each one. Just like when I do restaurant reviews for my job, I will tell you all the reasons why you should go out and buy a particular issue.

This will be another way I can satisfy my need to feed. As well as start to work through the thousands (yes, thousands) of recipes I have collected and horded.

When faced with a HUGE amout of ideas to create or work to bog through, I try to remind myself “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. Hence, the name LITTLE BITES.

This is just the beginning of many new great things to come.

      Life is better savored one bite at a time.


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