Pizza Rustica – Baking with Julia

Lattice intimidates me!

I have avoided this recipe in prior years just because of this technique. Funny this would be the first scheduled recipe I will post as a new blogger following “Tuesday with Dorie: Baking with Julia”. It turned out pretty well for my first try, even though I forgot how to count when I was cutting the pastry dough into strips.

The pastry was softer than any others I have worked with before and next time I will scale the flour instead of just using the “2 cups” called for. Making pastry in a food processor is a breeze and this one was no different. The recipe didn’t call for time in the fridge but I knew it needed time to sit and think – as well as to let the gluten relax and do its thing.

Use two-thirds of the dough for the crust and the remaining one-third to make the lattice.

According to the recipe, when putting together the filling for the pie, each additional ingredient should be well combined before adding the next. For future tests, there is not an ingredient in here that requires that kind of attention. Just throw it all in a bowl and stir until combined. The construction of the pie is pretty basic. The soft, slightly sweet dough needs a well floured surface for rolling out and be sure to butter your pan well for easy release. Pour the egg and cheese mixture into the unbaked crust. Then top with your 12 lattice strips. I will give you a lesson in weaving a lattice in a future post. You can actually just lay the strips across each to create the “look” of a lattice. No pressure!

Bake in a preheated oven and in less than one hour you have a wonderful meal.

The recipe is posted HERE and HERE by this months hosts, Emily and Raelynn. We are posting this way to encourage our readers to purchase the book.

As a newcomer to the “Tuesday with Dorie: Baking with Julia” blog group, I am awash with feelings. This book was a gift to me that I have treasured for years as it was part of my inspiration to attend culinary school.

My point of view in participating with this blog will be as a recipe tester first, then as a recipe developer. My first pass will always be “How did the recipe work as written?” If it warrants a second pass, you can bet it will be my interpretation of the recipe. (Barbara, I made it vegetarian just for you.)

9 Responses to “Pizza Rustica – Baking with Julia”
  1. Barbara says:

    Oh, and I can attest this Pizza Rustica was delicious! The crust was flaky with a touch of sweetness and the ricotta filling was substantial with a great fresh flavor from the chopped parsley. (Did I detect a hint of pepperocino?) The last piece is mine with a side salad for a much-anticipated lunch today. Thanks for sharing, T! And I would definitely make this recipe sometime soon – perfect for the Easter table.

    • Theresa says:

      She likes it. She likes it!
      Yes, a hint of pepperocino…as much as I wanted to “stick” to the recipe, since I was not adding the meat, it needed a touch of heat for the palate.

  2. Cathleen says:

    Love pepperocino! Wish I thought of that – next time. Looking forward to reading your blog – sounds very interesting.

  3. Your lattice looks great! I also try the recipe as written the first time and then figure out if I would change anything! 🙂

    • I had to laugh at myself when I was re-reading the recipe before blogging and realized that Nick didn’t write the original recipe with a “true” lattice. I was so afraid of it, I just took a deep breath and said a prayer.

  4. Thank you! I have been looking through your blog too. Yes, how does one “get” through the hundreds of books we have accumulated? I could think of worse additions, right?

  5. Cher says:

    Welcome aboard! Glad it worked out well with you.
    Good luck on your efforts to attempt dual versions. I am sure it will be very interesting experience.

  6. Caleb says:

    All I want to know is where is my piece??? Looks great!

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