Requited food love (part 1)

June Food  Magazine Reviews:  After years of buying virtually every food magazine on the stands, I had to narrow it down to a small hand full. The stacks were piling up to a height that could very easily put me on the same level of the hoarders that surround themselves with towers of newspapers.

  Cuisine at Home (No.81, June 2010) has three fantastic features that I can hardly wait to try: Grilled Pizza, Thai Curries and a bodacious sounding desert – Peanut Butter and Jam Cakes.

 (June 2010) suggests several brand name sorbets. Being the thoughtful magazine it is, they also provide a link for several recipes to make our own. Sweet Corn Relish (pg 164) is a relish that is super simple to make and will hold refrigerated for several weeks (if you don’t eat it up far sooner than that). Have you ever considered “pan-frying” egg rolls instead of the deep-fried higher fat version (pg 208)?  I will let you know first hand how they stack up.


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