Time to begin

        Or more likely, how to begin? Do I take a giant leap of faith and just start uploading pictures, recipes and text without knowing what I am doing? Look a fool, present a fallen cake or frosting that is melting? I know, how about a rice pudding that has thickened up too much?
        Unfortunately, for me this is going to be just like trying a recipe for the first time – I will read it through, compare it to other recipes just like the one in hand and possibly study the science or technique behind a particular step. I may never get started this way!
       This is why I need to stop – and remember – “One bite at a time!”
       This is going to happen, maybe in fits and starts to begin with. But it IS going to happen.

One Response to “Time to begin”
  1. Malia Werle says:

    i love it! i can’t wait to read more!

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